The Bar Is Open…Now, What To Drink?

FX McRory'sMemorial Day is coming up, and that means my wife and I will have three full days in a row at home with our girls. This also means one extra full day of Little Kid Insanity than we are normally used to with a regular weekend.

In preparation, I have my beer fridge pretty well stocked, and the liquor cabinet looks ready for me to attack when I need something in my left hand while I am grilling up some ribeyes with my right. But this begs the question:

What should I drink to get through three solid days of my kids clamoring for Disney Jr.?

They cry like maniacs when I switch the channel to see how badly my Beloved Seattle Mariners are getting shellacked. And, of course, they find reasons to brawl with each other that defy all normal logic and comprehension. Some parents shove their kids into modeling before they can walk; I should see if the UFC is looking to start a pre-school division. Usually, by Sunday night, my wife and I are so frazzled we can’t stay awake long enough to make it through Don Draper’s latest endeavor on “Mad Men”.

So, I am asking you, the reader, for your drink suggestions. I’m open to just about anything except a screwdriver. Vodka and orange juice together just screams, “Partying outside a Judas Priest concert in 1986.” And if you don’t believe me, or don’t want to remember doing just that in your younger days, check this video out.

Send me your suggestions and if I get them by Saturday afternoon PT, I will do my best to mix them up and try them out between then and Monday. Cheers!

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