The Drink Of The Weekend: Alaskan Brewing Co. Freeride American Pale Ale

As part of our mission here at Why Daddy Drinks to revel in the humorous lunacy that is fatherhood, and to promote the drinking of quality beverages, we bring you our weekly segment highlighting something that should be in your glass. This is The Drink Of The Weekend.

I was fearful that this weekend would end up similar to the one two weeks ago when, due to a stomach bug, the only drinking I was able to do was of the Gatorade kind. There’s nothing wrong with Gatorade, but it isn’t in the same league as a Maker’s Mark and Seven, with a half lime squeezed in. [Another drink for another Drink Of The Weekend down the road.]

Come on and take a Freeride APA
Come on and take a Freeride APA

That’s because my back went out on me. Actually, it was still out from that Gatorade weekend. I did something horrible to my back while carrying one of my daughters from the bedroom to the bathroom where she could vomit into the toilet instead of her bed like she had just done. Since that night, my back had only gotten worse and by Wednesday it hurt so bad that I almost couldn’t walk. And if I couldn’t walk, I wouldn’t be able to make it to the Beer Fridge in my garage. So I went to see my doctor.

Like any great doctor, he diagnosed the problem immediately…And then hooked me up with some drugs. Good stuff, too. Percocet for the pain and some kind of muscle relaxer that I can’t pronounce because it has more consonants in it than the Serbian alphabet.

The doc. said I could take both at the same time, which sounds awesome on paper, but would have probably caused me to pass out at my desk. I guess that wouldn’t be that much different from when I feel my eyes getting heavy due to the effects of some kind of three-time Chinese food combination platter, but I decided to spread out my doses through the day.

I should have just taken all the pills at the same time because my back didn’t feel any better due to my drug taking. Probably chasing around my daughters like they were a couple of wet cats didn’t help. Then again, they have no concept of what it’s like for Daddy to be in pain. They just want their continuous snacks, drinks and Disney Jr. And woe to me, and my wife, if we don’t cater to their immediate wants, immediately.

To top it off, the pill bottles warned against taking their contents with alcohol. Of course, I wasn’t planning on chasing a couple of percocets with a fifth of Ketel One Vodka, but still…I had to plan out my medicine-taking and weekend-drinking to maximize both without going too far with either.

This was achieved on Saturday by taking a percocet early in the morning, just after Little Sis and I made a donut run, then a muscle relaxer about three hours later, and then cruising pill-free into the afternoon. By around 2, I figured that since I wasn’t going anywhere I could crack open a beer and watch my Beloved Seattle Mariners drop a game to the Cleveland Indians.

That's almost $11 worth of six-pack right there...But worth it.
That’s almost $11 worth of six-pack right there…But worth it.

And the beer was…Alaskan Brewing Co. Freeride American Pale Ale [APA], which I found at a store in the tourist-heavy Ferry Terminal building in San Francisco. The location alone is probably why it cost just shy of $11 for a six-pack.

But it was worth it. I like finding new beers that might only be around for a short time, and even though Alaskan Brewing lists the APA as a year-round selection, the Ferry Terminal store is the only place near my home that I have found to carry the brand. It’s not a strong as an India Pale Ale, but it has a distinct ale flavor that you won’t mistake for a lager. It was the Drink Of The Weekend.

And with a name like Freeride, you also can’t help but hum this mid-70s stoner-party classic while you drink it.

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