Rex Crum’s Wonderful World Of Color

20EA4480-38BB-4B84-9C16-B89E95668C57I’m Rex Crum — husband, dad and technology reporter. This is your main starting point to see my body of work. Thank me.

From here, you can partake in finding out more about me here, or by clicking on the About link above. Among the things you should know are that I am a fan of the Washington State University Cougars, the Seattle Seahawks, and, incredibly, the Seattle Mariners, who have caused me want to light myself on fire many times over their 44-year history.

I have covered the business of technology for more than a decade, with emphasis on companies such as Apple, Netflix, Amazon and Groupon. For a look at some of my work with MarketWatch, go here.

Without a doubt, my most important role in this world is in being a husband to my wife Megan, and a dad to my two adorably insane daughters, Madeline and Lily. I chronicle many of my adventures as a dad in my Why Daddy Drinks blog, which you should read, subscribe to, and share.

Oh, by the way, that is a genuine Cuban cigar I’m puffing on in the photo above. This was taken on a trip to Cancun a few years ago on the last vacation my wife and I took before we had kids. If you are a parent, you know the feeling.

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