The Conversation Of The Day

My God…I just looked at this page and realized it has been nearly two months since I have published anything here.

This is what can happen when, not long after Thanksgiving comes, your daughter’s birthday, itself three days before Christmas, hits. Then, of course, there is Christmas itself. And three days after Santa’s arrival, you have the birthday party for your daughter that you are legally required to hold for her and anywhere between seven and 23 other kindergarten-age kids at some facility [in our case, an ice cream shop] involving a character that you have hired to entertain all the little nuclear warheads [in our case, it was a pirate, Captain Davy Jones] for an hour before you load them up on hot fudge sundaes.

Add to that a non-stop parade of family members coming in over the better part of two weeks, and the kids being at home for their Christmas break, it was all I could do just to turn the coffee maker on in the morning, never mind trying to bang out a few hundred words on something like my daughters brawling on the kitchen floor over who is wearing the cutest pair of pants. And they do fight over stuff like that.

Oh, yeah, their mouths are almost always running, too. But when they aren’t fighting, yelling, crying or arguing with each other, they do say some pretty creative things. I try my best to remember it all, but with all their usual kid-related racket, along with me trying to squeeze in eight hours of TV a day, my brain is operating at full capacity most of the time and there is little room to take in everything that my daughters have to say.

But, occasionally, something that one of them says does stick, and it’s usually part of a back-and-forth that I have had with one of them. And they often show quite the insight into my daughters’ personalities. I call these incidents the Conversation Of The Day, and my goal is to pass these short interactions with my daughters along on at least a semi-regular basis here. Plus, it makes for quick and easy copy and, if anything, writers are always looking for an easy way to meet a deadline.

So, from a couple of days ago, here is the Conversation Of The Day…

Me: Girls, Daddy’s going to take a shower, so that’s where I’ll be if you need me.

Six-year-old: OK…we’ll only get you if we’re bleeding.

Me: Uh…Yes. DEFINITELY get me if either of you are bleeding.

Six-year-old: Or, if the iPad battery dies.

Me: You know your priorities, kiddo.

One comment

  1. Don’t they ever !!! No worries though, Rex, for you will rise to the top of that priority list when the little ones reach a level of maturity and realize Daddy was a whole lot smarter than we ever knew !!! That could come any day…..or any year from now ??? It will come ’cause you are helping them “build it” now.


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