Walk Away and Rock On, Kids

One of the funniest, and most-fun things you can experience with your kids is when they sing. It shows they are picking up on vocabulary, content and it can even lead you to believe you may have a future “American Idol” winner there when your daughter starts belting out a tune with mac and cheese all over her face.

My five-year-old, Maddo, started this when she was very young. The first song she began to sing along to was “For The Hand Of Magdalena” by the great Canadian band The Lowest Of The Low…And if you have never heard of The Low, do yourself a favor and find any and all of their albums right now.

Maddo has added other songs to her repertoire, most notably parts of the Big Star classic “September Gurls”, which is simply the greatest pop/rock song ever written, the Bangles Prince-penned 80s hit “Manic Monday”, and the Allman Brothers smash “Ramblin’ Man”.


Maddo’s three-year-old sibling, Little Sis, has gotten in on the musical action, too, although mostly by singing the theme songs to some of her favorite TV shows and movies. And few movies have given Little Sis and Maddo more to sing along with than Disney’s monstrous winner, “Frozen”. [My apologies for putting “Let It Go” into your head for the eleventy bazillionth time.]

However, much of what they hear comes from riding along in the back seat of either my wife’s car or my truck. And when they are in my truck, they often get the best mix of classic and modern rock that Pandora has to offer. I love Pandora and the idea of being able to set up a “station” based on a particular band, song or musical style. When something comes up that you aren’t expecting, and haven’t heard in, maybe, years, it is an aural treat.

And on Tuesday, that treat was one of the all-time best: “Walk Away” by the James Gang and the inimitable Joe Walsh. There can be no doubt that Joe Walsh is one of America’s great national treasures, and if songs like “Walk Away”, “Funk 49”, “Life’s Been Good” and “In The City” don’t prove that for you, just look up any Joe Walsh interview, especially all the scenes of him in the Showtime documentary “History Of The Eagles”, to understand his truly insane genius.

So, I plugged my iPhone into my truck’s stereo and as we headed home from Wendy’s, “Walk Away” came crunching out through the speakers. I immediately began squawking along with Joe, and turned to my daughters with excitement.

Me: Girls, do you hear this? It’s “Walk Away” by Joe Walsh and the James Gang! [Insert image of me “rawking” out]

They however, did not share my enthusiasm. Maddo looked like she had the 1,000-yard stare after coming off the line at Khe Sanh in ’68 and said nothing. Little Sis, however, gave me her opinion of Mr. Walsh’s music, and my interpretation of it.

Little Sis: Daddy? Do you have Elsa’s “Frozen” song?

I froze, myself, for a couple of seconds. I then replied in the only way possible.

Me: No, honey… [Cranks up the James Gang to speaker-blowing level]…No, I don’t.



  1. Hahaha! I have had moments like this with my kids. Luckily they are few and far between. I write this as I am listening to Joan Jett radio, and my 4 year-old just told me it was “her song” when “Bad Reputation” came on!


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