The Drink Of The Weekend: Ninkasi Brewing Total Domination IPA

As part of our mission here at Why Daddy Drinks to revel in the humorous lunacy that is fatherhood, and to promote the drinking of quality beverages, we bring you our weekly segment highlighting something that should be in your glass. This is The Drink Of The Weekend.

This past weekend was a lot of Daddy-Daughter time around my house. That’s because my wife had the brains to get out of the joint for good chunks of both days. Total Domination IPA

On Saturday, she was having her hair done, which is always at least a four-hour process, including the nearly hour-long commute out to and back from her hairdresser. On Sunday, she drove from our home in Oakland down to San Jose, which is an hour each way on a good day, to join a gang of her friends at their annual Witches Tea. This is something they do every year on the Sunday prior to Halloween. This year, 11 of them put on their best Wicked Witch of the West outfits to drink tea, eat tiny sweet treats and scared the living bejeezus out of anyone else who dared check out their coven at the local teahouse.

I however, used the opportunity to cram in as much football watching and good, bad-food eating as humanly possible. In-N-Out Burger, your Double-Double remains a thing of art. And chicken wings and ranch dressing are a staple for Sunday afternoon NFL action. With my hometown Seattle Seahawks not playing until Monday, I used Sunday to double up on the local Bay Area pro teams, and watched the San Francisco 49ers demolish Jacksonville, in London, and even got to see the Oakland Raiders play mostly competent football as they beat Pittsburgh here in town.

But backtracking a bit to Saturday, which is college football day. My Washington State Cougars had a bye, and thus didn’t play this week. This left me no choice but to watch the awesome Oregon Ducks. My God, Oregon is good this year, and fun to watch, too.

Oregon is ranked No. 2 in the country and I honestly don’t know how in the hell the Ducks aren’t ranked No. 1. Yeah, I know, all the SEC apologists claim ROLL TIDE whenever Alabama is mentioned, but forget that. The SEC feasts early and often on the likes of Georgia State, Kentucky and Chattanooga. No wonder Alabama can blast its way to an 8-0 record. The Crimson Tide have had one quality opponent this year, Texas A&M, and by all rights Johnny Manziel & Co. should have won that game.

Man, am I rambling.

A week and a half ago, Oregon so deliberately eviscerated my Wazzu Cougars 62-38 that even an NCAA-record 89 passes from WSU’s Connor Halliday were to no avail. I [almost] didn’t mind my team getting throttled because watching Oregon play reminds me so much about why I love football. And this past Saturday, knowing that Oregon was on national TV, I took the opportunity to grill up an awesome bone-in ribeye steak while watching the Ducks on my iPad as they steamrolled UCLA, 42-17, in Oregon’s hometown of Eugene.

It was total domination. And to mark the occasion, as I watched my steak burn on the outside and turn red as hell on the inside, I filled my frosty Washington State mug with the pride of Eugene, Ninkasi Brewing Company’s Total Domination India Pale Ale. My brother introduced me to this, and I think it is the best thing he’s ever done for me, including the best man speech he gave at my wedding. Total Domination is 6.7% ABV, and it’s got a hoppy flavor that’s as solid and strong as Oregon’s offense. And along with Eugene’s Ducks being considered the second-best college football team in the country, Total Domination IPA is probably the second-best IPA I have ever had.

It’s worth finding. And when you do, prepare to be dominated. Just like watching the Oregon Ducks play football, you won’t regret it.

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