The Drink Of The Weekend: The Mai Tai

As part of our mission here at Why Daddy Drinks to revel in the humorous lunacy that is fatherhood, and to promote the drinking of quality beverages, we bring you our weekly segment highlighting something that should be in your glass. This is The Drink Of The Weekend.

I haven’t posted a Drink Of The Weekend for the last couple of weeks, mainly because I found myself drinking beers that I had already written about. Either that, or I was too tired to write about anything after spending the better part of 48 hours chasing after my two young daughters during one of their never-ending quests to remove every toy and crayon from its storage area and leave it strewn about the living room floor. mai-tai

But on Saturday, my wife, the Thoroughly Awesome Ms. Crums, got a chance to go out and engage in some socializing with actual, real, live adults. In an adult setting. That being, a Hawaiian-themed party, complete with a garage converted into a Tiki Room, and lots of cold beer on tap. The beers were courtesy of Steve Wolfe, who along with his wife, Laura, hosted the party, and who also runs Oakland’s Pacific Coast Brewing Company.

Now, while I went straight to the taps for one of the Pacific Coast India Pale Ales, and would have been happy spending the rest of the evening drinking those, this was a Hawaiian party. And as such, what I really wanted was drink that said “Hawaii”. And Steve didn’t disappoint with his Mai Tais.

I don’t know what the recipe was he used, but I’m pretty sure it was something like eight parts rum and another four parts rum. One drink was enough to get a buzz going. My wife didn’t even make it through half a glass before she was looking for a chair to steady her. She never finished her drink. And that’s a Good Thing, because I, myself, didn’t need more than about three sips before I knew I would be handing my wife the car keys for the drive home.

It wasn’t just us. Everyone was exclaiming “WHOA!” from the first taste. But what the hell? It was a Hawaii party, and one of the things you drink in Hawaii is a Mai Tai. And as a bar owner, Steve is smart enough to let his customers know that they are drinking quality. If you run a bar, you want people talking about your booze and beer. And you don’t want them leaving your joint thinking that they got watered-down Kool-Aid.

I could only handle one Mai Tai, though…Oh, I went back for two more beers, but those were like water compared to what Steve mixed up behind the bar. If he ever offers a Hawaiian Happy Hour at his brewpub, every night might just end up being a luau.

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